A family holiday in the snow

To show you what is possible, we have put together a beautiful family winter week in Värmland for your inspiration. Of course you can adapt your holiday to your wishes. Take a look at our offerings.

Day 1: Arrival

After a wonderful trip you, will arrive at your cottage at Sundbergsheden Stugby. When the owners see you arrive they come to welcome you. After a short introduction, they bring you to your cottage. After you unpacked your luggage, you have a drink by the fireplace while the children play outside in the snow. The first snowman is being built.

Day 2: Horse Sleigh Ride

When you wake up, you’ll see that a fresh layer of snow has fallen last night. The children want to go outside and finish the snowman they started yesterday. After the snow fun, you go to Our Little Farm for a sleigh ride. In a horse-drawn sleigh you will glide through the winter wonderland and enjoy the peace and quiet. During a short break you grill hamburgers and sausages over a fire. After this, you will get back into the sled for the last part of the trip through the snowy forests.

Day 3: Sledding

What is a winter holiday without sledding? On Hovfjälet, a winter sports area nearby, is a beautiful pulkabacke (sled slope). While the children can not get enough of sledding, you enjoy the beautiful view.  After sledding, it is time for a cup of hot chocolate in the restaurant after which you go back to your warm stuga to end the day quietly.

Day 4: Husky Sleigh Ride and Snowshoe Walking

When you wake up, you’ll see the sun shining. A beautiful day to visit Highyard Sleddogs and Rob’s Snowshoe Adventure. Arriving at Highyard you will be welcomed by Hans and Yvonne, the owners, and by the enthusiastic barking and crying of the huskies. After an explanation about this special breed and the sledding you start your trip. The children go on a sled with Hans and you can experience what it is like to be a musher and ride the sled yourself through the snowy landscape. Afterwards, the children can cuddle with the huskies while you warm up in the cozy grill hut where you can enjoy your self grilled hamburger and a hot drink. After this, it is time for a snowshoe hike. During the walk there is plenty of time for questions and while talking you enjoy the beautiful snowy landscape.

Day 5: Winter Hike

After breakfast, you will be on your way to Högbergsfältet for a snow hike. You will find the route description in the personal travel guide you received from us. Högbersfältet is an old mining area and a beautiful place for a winter hike. The highlight is Tilas Stol, an old mine corridor through which you walk to get into one of the mines. When you arrive at the mine, you will see the giant icicles and other ice creations that are formed here by nature every winter.

Day 6: Moosepark

A visit to a moose park should of course not be missed during your winter trip. In Värmlands Älgpark you can meet the king of the forest up close. The experienced guides will tell you all about these beautiful animals and their habitat. While the children enjoy feeding the moose, you will listen to the enthusiastic story of the guide and learn what to watch out for when spotting moose in the wild.

Day 7: Departure

The day of departure has arrived. After packing the car there is some time for the last snowball fight. Then it is time to say goodbye to the built snowmen. On the way back it is quiet in the backseat. After a wonderful week, you return home with beautiful memories.